Bonus Point 3

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Presentation English

Being good at making presentations will make you valuable to future employers and investors. But, people are not usually born with this skill. This is a skill that requires practice. These videos will introduce different techniques that you can use to improve your presentation skills.   

  • Work with 1 or 2 classmates.
  • Together, choose 2 videos from below to watch and review.
  • After you and partners watch the videos, discuss the videos together. Talk about what you learned. If you didn't understand something, ask your partner to explain it to you.
  • Together, answer the questions below.
  • One person from your group should e-mail me the answers to your questions. (make sure to include each group member's name in the e-mail so you all get a point!)
  1. What videos did you watch?
  2. Which did you like better? Why?
  3. Name 3 things that you and your group learned from one or both of the videos.
  4. Will any of you try to use these techniques in your next oral presentation? Why or why not? If yes, which techniques will you try?
Due Date: Friday 1/13 at 5pm

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