ECA Saturday Help Class

 The College of Economics and Business is going to provide a Base Program for the ECA business major students. If you find it interesting and helpful, please read the following details;


A. The Aim of the Program

The ECG class for business major students has been advanced to ECA from this semester to enhance their competitive edge in the job markets and global business. Almost everything about the class has been going smoothly but some students are reported to find it difficult to follow the promoted class, which led the college to design this base program to help those in need, where a Korean teacher explain some contents from the textbook.


B. This Program is for the student who

- want to review what they learned from the textbook

- have some troubles in following the class particularly in listening, dialogues and readings

- are interested in learning English with various materials on ECA textbook

 (Only 80 seats are available for this Base Program)


C. Schedule and Classroom

- Time: 10:00-11:50 (2hours a day), May 12th, 19th, 26th, June 2nd, 9th  Saturdays

- Classroom: Economics and Business Building, Room#: TBA


D. Contents

- Review and Preview focused mostly on vocabularies, expressions, grammar points and readings

- Other materials such as movie clips, pop-songs, other multimedia will be used if they are related to the contents from textbook


E. Others

This program is not obligatory, but the participating students will receive listening and video scripts for the past unit and grammar handouts on site. To sign up, the students should visit the Administration office of the College of Economics and Business by May 4th. Any inquiries about the program are welcome when they call 053-810-1638, to Dr. Kim, Sangsoo, Program Coordinator at the Foreign Language Institute, or Room #219 at the FLI building.