Final Exam

How to Prepare:

Final Exam


Final Exam Class Discussion Day

1.      Exchange phone numbers and e-mail addresses

2.    Choose a topic (from one of the Units)

3.    Choose a place (Where does your dialog happen? In a coffee shop? At a bus stop?)

4.    Choose your relationship (Are you friends? Are you family? Are you strangers?)


HW: After class review the Unit your group chose. Study the grammar again. Study the vocabulary again.


With your group outside of class

1.      Meet and write your dialog

2.    Read your dialog together and time it. (It must be 4-6 minutes long!)


Final Scripts Class Day

        1.      Bring your COMPLETED dialog

        2. In class you can ask me questions and practice.


HW: After class memorize the dialog


Final Exam Class Practice Day

1.      Practice, Practice, & more Practice with your partners!



Be Creative and Have Fun! Examples: costumes, props, etc.