How to get an 'A'

Homework & Participation

Before class

  • Study the grammar and vocabulary for each class BEFORE class
In Class
  • Come to all classes!
  • Be on time!
  • ONLY speak English, even with your classmates
  • Don’t be afraid of making a mistake.
  • Bring your Book, Workbook, Notebook, and Syllabus to EVERY class

After Class (Homework)

  • Do the workbook pages that match the day’s lesson


Listening Tests 10%

  • Study the grammar and vocabulary from our lessons

  • Listen to the book dialogs

  • Read the transcripts at the back of the book (pages.58-64)

Midterm (35%) and Final Exam (45%)

  • Study & Use the grammar, vocabulary, and phrases from class & your book

  • Ask me questions on preparation day

  • Ask me for help during office hours or after class